Monday, 20 May 2013

A bold new development: Udacity's online Masters degree in Computer Sciences

Udacity announced that it would begin offering an Online Master of Science degree in computer sciences in partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology and AT&T in January 2014.

80% off compared to the in-class degree, the program still comes at $6,000. Prerequisites include undergraduate degrees in related fields and enrollment in the first year will be limited to ensure things run smoothly.

If this all seems a far cry from Udacity’s record in free and open online education, according to Sebastian Thrun, Udacity co-founder and CEO: “While the degree rightfully comes with a tuition fee — after all, to achieve the very best in online education we will provide support services — the bare content will be available free of charge, available for anyone eager to learn. We are also launching non-credit certificates at a much reduced price point, to give a path to those who don’t care about Georgia Tech credit or degrees, but still want their learning results certified.”

Will this announcement herald the beginning of the end for free Massive Open Online Courses or does it go to show that online degrees (free or otherwise) are here to stay?

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